A drow ranger from the Underdark looking for adventure.


Level 1 Drow Ranger (Hunter)

5’4" tall; 146 lbs; Midnight black skin (blueish hue); cloudy eyes with a bluish tint; long white hair

Equipped with leather armor, longbow, longsword


A scout living in the Underdark, Keldril patrolled the outer limits of his House’s borders, keeping his fellow Drow safe from incursion.

Keldril lived in Llurth Dreir, a large metropolis in the Great Bhaerynden Region of the Underdark. As a Lieutenant in his company, Keldril came up for promotion to Captain. In order to obtain his rank of Captain he was required to assassinate a Captain in a rival house, a Captain who happened to be his lover. Keldril refused, and because of this he left his ancestral home. It was just as well, Keldril had grown tired of the constant wars with rival houses. The infighting, senseless loss of life; Drow killing Drow.

After leaving Llurth Dreir, Keldril spent many years traveling, looking for a place to settle down. Drow are not welcomed in most places, so Keldril was often shunned and run out. There is a strong distrust of the Drow among surface dwellers.

Most recently Keldril has been living in the Nentir Vale, in the Harken Forest, southeast of Harkenwold. He has been taking odd jobs from the residents of Harkenwold and the surrounding villages, but he mostly sticks to the forest and maintains a low profile.

Keldril often hunts Goblins that live in western portions of Harken Forest. He helps his surface cousins, an Elf tribe known as Woodsinger Clan, although they are not fully aware of who he is. The goblins live in Daggerburg (description here) and often raid river traffic and caravans along the main roads. I hunt them mercilessly.

Keldril will periodically sneak into the elves forest city to obtain supplies, taking only the items he truly needs. The elves are certain that he is around, especially with the decline of the goblin population, but sense no danger from him and therefore leave him alone.

However, Keldril’s current lifestyle has become boring and killing these goblins is like shooting fish in a barrel. He longs for more. One day while patrolling the local roads he found a broken down wagon. The driver, a dwarf named Traevus, was on his way to the city of Fallcrest. His wagon was almost full, but there were three characters in particular that caught Keldril’s attention. He wasn’t sure what it was, but these were not simple travelers. He felt some kind of kindred spirit. He decided to join them in their journey to Fallcrest. After all, what was the worst that could happen…


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