Adventures in the Nentir Vale DC

Session 1: The Road to Fallcrest

Four brave souls found themselves among the passengers of a horse drawn wagon driven by the merchant Traevus. With them were two others, an eladrin in wizardly robes and a human in dire need of a bath.

As they were winding their way through the Moon Hills of the Nentir Vale surrounding Fallcrest, with mere twilight illuminating their way, the wagon was ambushed by a group of goblins. Before the group had a chance to repel the assault, a gruesome zombie emerged from the nearby brush and charged into the wagon. The wagon was sent toppling over the edge of the road and down the hill, landing in a nearby swamp. A few of the party were injured in the crash, but Enola and Keldril managed to survive relatively unscathed and emerged from the wagon to face a small horde of goblins rushing down from the road.

With the raiders descending upon the wreck Enola and Keldril decided discretion was the better part of valor, and hid in nearby brush as the goblins looted the wagon and its occupants. After the goblins departed the drow and the human gathered what was left of the survivors and broke camp near the wreckage. Traevus discovered that the goblins took a prized possession of his, a family heirloom inside an ornate wooden box. He begged the survivors of the crash to help track down and return this heirloom, and the party hesitantly accepted his quest. At dawn break the party left Traevus to tend to the wounded eladrin and get back to the safety of Fallcrest as they begun the task of tracking the attackers.

Several hours of unproductive wandering in the nearby hills did eventually lead them to some caves that appeared to be the hideout of the goblins that attacked the party the day before. After dealing with a few wolves and goblins the party dove into the dark caves to discover that they led to an ancient underground temple built by minotaurs thought long gone.

As they entered the temple they were greeted by yet more goblins, as well as a guard drake. The party quickly dealt with these foes as well, and even a vile goblin hex thrower proved to be no match for their swords and arrows.

After gazing into a magical pool that seemed to show them a not too distant future or possibly a nearby location, the party decided to venture deeper into the temple, following the bloody tracks of a goblin that managed to escape their wrath.



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