Adventures in the Nentir Vale DC

Session 5: Hitmen and Shady Dealings

In the aftermath of the battle at the abandoned temple of the Raven Queen, Keldril is returned to the land of mortals. Yet the journey back has transformed the drow into something not quite alive… yet not quite dead. As Keldril struggles to understand what has happened to him and tries to regain the lost memories of his former self, his former lover, Pelanistra, confirms her own dread that the Keldril she knew is no more… Pelanistra departs with little ceremony, leaving Keldril to reconstruct his past alone.

Simliarly, Enola struggles to understand what it is that she really signed up for, and what a pledge of service to the Raven Queen entails. Enola decides to stay another day at the temple to meditate and hold vigil while the rest of the party head back into Fallcrest.

With their drow ally back among them, the party emerge from the Tombwood to be greeted by a contingent of town guards led by Sarge. The scouts dispatched by Faren Markelhay to find proof of Malareth’s demise have yet to return, and suspicions of the party’s involvement in the theft of Faren’s axe continue to rise. Sarge is tasked with personally escorting the group while they are in Fallcrest, ensuring the group abides by all laws and does not attempt to flee the city.

With Sarge escorting them the group catch some long needed rest at the local inn. In the morning the innkeeper provides them with a strange note left for them during the night. The note speaks of a rendezvous at the docks at sundown. Not quite sure what to make of it the party sets out to the docks with Sarge in tow.

The group reaches the docks a few hours in advance and searches for any sign of trouble. While investigating the docks, a group of men attack them. Despite Sarge’s warning to stop and lay down their arms the attackers continue their assault but are quickly dispatched by the rest of the group. A closer look at the bodies yields proof that the attackers are part of the River Rat gang, and a strange note in some sort of code. The party is able to decipher parts of the note, which seem to mention an elf, an artifact, and some sort of meeting in a bar. Sarge informs them that the closest bar is the Lucky Gnome Taphouse.

Hoping this bar is the same bar mentioned in the encoded note the party travels to the Lucky Gnome, and proceeds to question it’s patrons. Things quickly turn violent as Sarge threatens anyone who seems to be in his way, at this point quite frustrated with the brazen attacks on him and the group he is in charge or watching over. After the scuffle the group drag out a few of the goons and proceed to interrogate them. Threats and a bit of physical harm force the goons to reveal a name… Kelson, the owner of the Lucky Gnome.

The group barge into Kelson’s office at the back of the Lucky Gnome and Sarge proceeds to question Kelson’s involvement with the River Rats and the attack at the docks. Kelson’s silver tongue serves him well, however, and Sarge is unable to pin anything on him. With frustration Sarge warns Kelson that he will be back with more proof, and then departs, leaving the group alone in Kelson’s company.

The group quickly discovers that Kelson was hired to capture their elven rogue, Solaris, and dispose of her for having crossed his employer in the past. Solaris reveals that she had indeed failed a “job” some time in the past and failed to recover an artifact. Fearing retribution Solaris decided to flee, yet now the party saw that Solaris’ past had come back to haunt her.

The party was able to talk Kelson into a deal, however, promising to return the artifact Solaris had lost in exchange for Solaris’ life. Kelson acknowledged this deal and told them he would contact them in a few days with details of how they could go about retrieving the lost artifact.

The party left the Lucky Gnome and returned to their inn, meeting Enola at the front door and filling her in on the details of what happened to them during the day…



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