Adventures in the Nentir Vale DC

Session 2: Excerpt from the Journal of Keldril: Drow Ranger

We came, we explored, we got beat up!

Journal of Keldril Rilynrahel
Entry 14aug1479


My journey with this strange band of adventurers continues. We delved deeper into the dungeon we have been exploring, following the blood trail of the goblin we had previously wounded. We are still hoping to find the wooden chest that was taken from Traevus. Any other loot we can find along the way, which has been a little so far, is a bonus.

Upon entering another set of rooms, we were set upon by many rats and goblins. We made quick work of them. I even managed to get off a rapid shot, killing three goblins at once. We quickly explored the area, after Anderson pulled the Knight Enola out of a pit. We found a dwarven inscription on the back of a statue of a minotaur warrior statue. Luckily Enola can read dwarven and was able to translate. It seemed like gibberish, but at the end mentioned something about Morgana having been driven mad. This brought a calm over the group. We need to investigate this Morgana person more.

We followed the goblin blood trail down a long corridor, opening the set of double doors we found at the end. Inside was a dragon. Not a large one, maybe the size of large bear, but a dragon none-the-less. It was a gorgeous white dragon. Through sheer luck we managed to avoid being eaten by the dragon and even managed to acquire it’s help. It told us of Malarath, the warlock, who has been using the dungeon. Malarath must be the one we saw when our wagon was attacked. He was the one who ran off with the box that we seek. The dragon offered us our lives in exchange for Malarath’s head. Seemed like a fair trade, we took it. We noticed a magic circle in the floor of the dragon’s lair. It was a teleportation portal, to where, we are unsure. Unfortunately, it appears too old and worn to still be usable. The magic had faded. We inquired about the goblin we had been chasing, as we had noticed that the blood trail stopped in front of the dragon. He showed us the remains of the body, which he had frozen to eat later, having had his fill earlier with the first half of said goblin. Better him than us.

We took our leave of the dragon, promising to return with Malarath’s head, and pushed further into the dungeon. We encountered a rather nasty bugbear, wielding a life draining axe. In time we dispensed with him and his goblin buddies, picking up the axe to take with us in the process. We found a flaming urn that had the Eternally Burning Embers from Elemental Chaos inside of it, but none of us could do anything with it. At this point our group was left with two options. One set of double doors could be seen to have large amounts of foot traffic in the dust and dirt in front of it, obviously well used. There was another set of double doors however, in an adjoining room, that had very little, if any, foot traffic. We chose to take the path less traveled. This choice nearly cost us our lives.

Having traversed a deserted corridor, we entered a room with three town guards (mercenaries for hire) and a doppelganger. The doppelganger took on the form of our Rogue, Solaris, and mostly hid in the back. The guards beat us up pretty bad with several in our group having to be brought back from the brink of death, Solaris in particular, who must have pissed the gods off somehow as she and Enola took the brunt of the attack, but in the end, we vanquished them. As the last guard lay on the ground, his life blood and last breath slowly leaving his body, the doppelganger, Jixin, surrendered to us. After some slight persuasion, Enola pressing her longsword against the doppelganger’s throat, she told us that she was a mercenary whom Malareth had hired and that her life was worth more than what he was paying her. She informed us that Malarath’s lab was just down a corridor off this room and that he had been practicing Necromancy. She also mentioned that she did see him come in the other day with a box under his arm, grinning like a fledgling dwarf who’d just received his first axe. That’s the box we’re looking for. Having no other information for us, we decided to let her go. She gave us a potion of healing as her thanks. Further investigation of the room revealed an altar that produced an aura of evil, which we quickly avoided, a statue of a female minotaur, and a statue of Baphomet. The statue of Baphomet had two large eyes made of moon stone, which the Rogue quickly relieved it of.

It has been a long hard day of exploring and my new friends and I, of whom I am still a bit wary, but am quickly warming too, as they seem to be warming up to me, are extremely tired. We’ve decided to bed down in this chamber for a bit of rest, with me on first watch and Anderson setting up a barricade around our position near the female minotaur statue. As the night has worn on it has not been a restful sleep. I have heard what sounds like stone shifting scraping stone in the adjacent room and screams coming down the corridor that Jixin told us led to Malarath’s lab. Tomorrow we shall hopefully put an end to this Malarath, collect the box we came to find, and return it Traevus.



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